BisexualPassions Review

BisexualPassions ReviewBisexualPassions is actually a passion network with more than 250 sub-sites. It was founded to help bisexuals find their own friendship or establish a stable relationship. Hookup is not popular here, which is very different from many dating sites. Registration is free, but if you renew your account it will cost $ 4.95 per month.


BisexualPassions is a Bisexual community specially designed for Bisexual individuals. Its homepage shows many other websites that belong to the same topic, and users can choose according to their needs. Users who have completed the account upgrade are free to modify their personal files and upload 10 photos. In addition, the site's ingenious design of instant communication tools is also praiseworthy, because it can give people a sense of relaxation.

Easy to use

The entire registration process is not complicated. What you need to do is provide an email address to receive the verification code. The whole process takes about 5 minutes. The interface and navigation of the website are very easy to use.

Safety and privacy

We collect but do not forward your personal information, and such information, such as Facebook or email information, is only used for account registration. And we only obtain your address information for the convenience of search function, and this is only an approximate location. We use the latest anti-fraud systems to protect your personal information, so you don't have to worry about hackers on the Internet can sneak in to steal your personal information.


Totally free for all members,but $4.95 for upgrading your account per month.

Payment Methods Available:Credit Card,Debit Card,PayPal, Bank Check Or Money Order By Postal Mail

Overall evaluation

This website can bring you not only sex, but also all kinds of valuable relationships, such as friendship and love. If you are interested in such a bisexual relationship, then you should join the site. You only need to pay $ 5 a month, and you have countless opportunities to get bisexual dating.

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